Founder/director Alan Archibald with friend Maria

Common Good

School kids, Santa Ana del Valle

Common Good provides Spanish language immersion training for Social Service providers and Non-Profit advocates.

Common Good is an agency of Medical Spanish Immersion whose website provides additional information about Oaxaca and our hands-on, up-close instructional method.

Common Good immersion programs are conducted in Oaxaca, Mexico, in collaboration with Mexican social service agencies --- both private agencies and  those agencies "under the umbrella" of Mexico's comprehensive social service agency, Desarrollo Integral de la Familia.

Common Good is a unique, highly effective, highly personalized program offered at unusually low cost.

Common Good accommodates your calendar.

Programs are available in 10 day increments.

A minimum stay of ten days is recommended. Longer stays are encouraged.

Common Good is available for one to nine students.

A ten day program for a full roster of eight or nine students costs $875.00 (US), plus round trip airfare which is currently priced between $600.00 and $675.00 from the Eastern seaboard --- $100.00 more from the West coast.

The full cost (exclusive airfare) for one student is $1350.00. (US)

For two, three, four or five students, the cost is $1050.00.

The full cost for six or seven students is $950.00.

Programs for single students offer 7 hours of "one-on-one teacher contact" daily.

Common Good recommends that students investigate airfare with Ms. Jane Letham who can be reached at her Walnut Creek, California, office: 800-655-4053, extension 8506. If you prefer to work with an independent agent, Common Good recommends Maria Horvath at 919-382-9077. Ms. Horvath specializes in "Mindful, Soulful Travel." Since prices vary, you may wish to speak with both agents. If you speak with Jane or Maria, please mention the name of Common Good director, Alan Archibald.

Common Good does not provided medical (or evacuation) insurance. Amex card holders can purchase "Travel Medical Protection" from American Express for as little as $59.00 per year. For more information, please contact 1-800-297-2900. 
Common Good director, Alan Archibald carries "Travel Medical Protection." If you are not an AMEX cardholder, you may wish to contact Travelex at 1-800-228-9792, or via their website 

Common Good covers all ground costs including instructional fees, lodging, three meals daily, entrance fees and bus/taxi fare.

The cost of Common Good may be tax decuctible. Please consult your accountant or lawyer.

Participants enjoy 10 - 12 hours of daily interaction with Common Good staff, except Saturday and Sunday when students undertake 6 hour excursions to outlying craft towns, archeological sites and natural "wonders," concluding with a two-hour dinner accompanied by one of your Spanish professors.


Oaxaca provides an unusually tranquil colonial environment renowned for hospitality, cuisine, music, dance and handcraft.

Situated at 5200 feet above sea level, Oaxaca is blessed with warm days and cool nights, obviating many of the rigors associated with travel in the tropics.

Oaxaca State merges 16 native cultures, each with its own language. Since 500 B.C. Zapotec and Mixtec cultures have dominated Oaxaca Valley.

"Common Good" inspires real-life language learning in a remarkably convivial milieu.

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Founder/director Alan Archibald with friend Maria